Peeking into the Impact of Sexual Violence

There’s this new theater gig called “Burden Of Proof” by the Dabble Dabble Jer Collective (DDJC) in George Town, Penang. It’s digging into the tough stuff—sexual violence in Malaysia.

A Mash-Up of Artsy Vibes

This isn’t your usual play. It’s a combo deal—drama, dance moves, original tunes—set to reveal the gritty truth about sexual violence. They took about two and a half years weaving together real-life tales from those who’ve been through it.

Real Stories Take Center Stage

This whole shebang kicked off from stories shared by survivors in a nationwide call last year. It’s not just a show; it’s a mix of heartfelt narratives. The cast, with folks like Darynn Wee, Khoo Jen Leon, Roshini Chandran, Sofea Lee, Villmett Thanakody, and Ysabel Loh, is revving up to give a raw and powerful performance.

Behind the Scenes

Charity Yong and Ysabel Loh co-directed and co-wrote the play with Miriam Devaprasana. They mashed up different artsy stuff to spill the tea on these crucial stories. Wee, who’s also managing the production, shared their unique approach.

They opened up a hotline, kind of. People could share their experiences however they liked—chats, voice notes, scribbles, or online hangouts. The result? A heartwarming and real portrayal of a pretty heavy societal issue.

Turning Tales into Heart-Touchers

Miriam, the creative lead, had some doubts at first. But hey, once they put the word out, the floodgates opened. They snagged around 15 accounts, and most of these stories are hitting the stage for the first time ever.

“It’s bittersweet, you know? These stories come from our pals. Some of these friendships go way back. So, handling their stories with care and sensitivity is mega important,” says Miriam.

Sharing the Load

The play’s name, “Burden Of Proof,” comes from the law world. Miriam explained how, when evidence is thin, the victim-survivor’s truth becomes their proof. Using that term is a shout-out that their truth matters—that they’re believed.

Gripping Stories on Stage

Making monologues, grooves, and melodies click together wasn’t a walk in the park. Ysabel, a VR artist and screenplay pro, said it was all about finding the sweet spot between realness and a good story.

“We didn’t wanna stray too far from the real deal. So, we kept tweaking the script, working closely with the director, writer, performers, and even the folks sharing their stories,” says Ysabel.

Getting the Crowd Involved

This gig pulls in the audience, letting them soak in the experience. They even had these sneak-peek sessions with folks who weren’t part of the creative crew to see what they thought.

Through this groundbreaking show, the gang hopes to spread awareness and build a sense of shared responsibility against sexual violence. It’s a big move, aiming to spark empathy and understanding among peeps while shouldering the emotional load of survivors’ stories. –COIN303