Abuse of Power: Bonmati on Spain Soccer Kiss

Amid the controversy enveloping the Spanish football federation, Spain midfielder Aitana Bonmati has taken a firm stance against the abuse of power in work relationships, stressing the necessity for change.

After receiving the title of UEFA Women’s Player of the Year, Bonmati voiced her concerns about the incident involving Luis Rubiales, the federation’s president, and player Jenni Hermoso, igniting discussions within Spanish football.

The Kiss that Sparked Debate

The incident occurred after Spain’s victory in the Women’s World Cup when Rubiales kissed Jenni Hermoso on the lips. Hermoso later disclosed that she hadn’t consented to the kiss and deemed it an abuse of power.

A Collective Stand Against Abuse

In a resolute assertion, Bonmati stated, “As a society, we cannot permit the abuse of power in work relationships.” She offered her support to Jenni Hermoso, underlining the significance of societal advancement through collaborative endeavors.

Moreover, Spain Acting Equality Minister Irene Montero echoed Bonmati’s sentiments, emphasizing the need to break the silence around sexist behavior and halt the normalization of such actions.

A Demand for Accountability

Montero affirmed, “This behavior must not evade consequences,” stressing the urgency of conveying a definitive message that abuse of power will not be tolerated.

Navigating a Complex Predicament

The incident involving Rubiales and Hermoso has ignited a broader discourse on sexual harassment in Spanish football. Recent research exposed that 70% of female footballers in Spain encountered some form of sexual harassment.

Furthermore, the Spanish football federation has committed to probing the incident, as Rubiales refutes any wrongdoing. Nevertheless, the controversy has cast a shadow over the achievements of Spain’s women’s national team, who secured their inaugural Women’s World Cup title in 2023.

Striking a Balance Between Triumphs and Trials

While the squad was celebrating their historic triumph, Bonmati voiced her confidence that the event would not overshadow the hard-won accomplishment that the team had achieved. “Our dedication led us to secure the World Cup,” she said, highlighting the team’s aim to be remembered more for their football skill than for this issue. “Our dedication led us to secure the World Cup,” she highlighted.

A Universal Issue Requiring Collective Action

Sexual harassment in sports transcends boundaries. According to a recent United Nations survey, 38% of female athletes worldwide encountered some form of sexual harassment.

Despite the strides made by the #MeToo movement in raising awareness, much work remains. Bonmati’s steadfast words serve as a vital reminder that tolerating the abuse of power within work relationships is unequivocally unacceptable and necessitates a united stance for change.