Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

“Movements are built from the bottom up, not the top down.” ~Harold Meyerson

Question one: What if Senators Sanders had disapproved of this strategy?

Answer one: He never did, but it would not have mattered. We were never going to negotiate with the Clinton campaign for our votes; Revolutionaries are done voting for neo-liberal globalists, what Bernie called “the establishment.”

Question two: Senator Sanders said he does not want to be a spoiler in 2016. Since he did not win the Democratic Party nomination, won’t a Green Party campaign become just that?

Answer two: That’s a possibility, and it was up to the Democrat superdelegates to make sure that didn’t happen. They were warned Bernie or bust was serious but chose to divide the Party against Trump anyway.

Question three: Why do I have to provide my email address to the pledge form?

Answer three: While the Bernie or bust campaign was a mechanism to help him win the general election,  Revolt Against Plutocracy will require a lasting movement to act on various angles to abolish plutocracy. We want to be able to inform pledge-signers about state-wide and national constitutional amendment efforts to overturn the illegitimate Supreme Court decisions that legalized plutocracy. Pledge-signers will not be getting a lot of email from us. We are building a movement of “democracy commando” network activists and donors for ads we hope to run against future opponents. Until Citizens United and related Court decisions are overturned, we intend to deploy our resources off and online.

Question four: How did you convey the number of write-in pledges to Democratic Party voters to discourage superdelegates from dividing the liberal-progressive left in the general election?

Answer four: Revolt Against Plutocracy movement volunteers sent them a letter in the mail.

Question five: How will you raise money?

Answer five: Senators Sanders did not want super PAC support, so we limited donations to $1,000.00 maximum per donor creating a grassroots PAC. However, the gloves have come off. We were accepting donations up to any amount to assist Jill Stein’s candidacy for the White House, but only small donations were offered. We intend to fight using all legal means, so we will accept donations to CAP PAC of any size for now. We are revolutionaries willing to accept the support from an enlightened billionaire or multi-millionaire support. One of our committee members is in dire need of work, and we will always need recruiters and researchers between campaigns for office.

Question Six: Senator Sanders is a socialist. Isn’t socialism un-American?

Answer Six: Bernie Sanders’ platform is essentially in line with the Roosevelts, both Teddy and Franklin. Sanders’ most “radical” policy idea is to break up the excessively large Wall Street banks, an anti-trust strategy pursued by President Teddy Roosevelt, a progressive Republican. Senator Sanders’ ideas are more mainstream than are his main Democratic Party rival. Most people polled, for example, want a single-payer health care system which is Bernie’s most socialistic idea. Sanders’ views on a range of issues are remarkably in sync with the Green Party which is why #BernieOrBust became #JillOrBUST after the superdelegates chose to lose the general election. In our view, Sanders and Stein are progressives rather than socialists.

“Democratic socialism” is essentially FDR’s demand-side economics.  Because supply-side economics has predominated the tax code and spending since President Reagan, the recovery from the Great Recession is sluggish but steady. Wealthy people do not need more money (tax cuts), consumers do. A higher tax on the wealthiest income and capital gains (from investments) earners could be spent solving the crises we face, but the government can spend regardless of income. (See Modern Monetary Theory) From climate change to rebuilding and modernizing infrastructure, government contracts could boost the economy by putting people back to work addressing problems the marketplace alone can or will not resolve.

Question Seven: If I sign up with your revolution, does than mean I have to help elect the candidates you support.

Answer Seven: No. You can either unsubscribe from our action emails or do nothing to help RAP on any given campaign. No one has to do anything; this is a volunteer army of peaceful, democracy commandos and, for those who can afford helping us deploy our strategy, donors.

Question Eight: What else can be done aside from taking the pledge and recruiting two more voters to take the pledge?

Answer Eight: That is completely up to you. Revolt Against Plutocracy has a PAC we can use as we wish. Please donate, so we can afford to hire an unemployed committee member to recruit new revolutionary commandos,

Question Nine: If I took either the Bernie or bust or Jill or BUST pledge, do I need to sign up again?

Answer Nine: Not unless you unsubscribed from our newsletter and have since changed your mind. If that is the case, you need to use a different email address.

Question Ten: What if you do not get many democracy commandos?

Answer Ten: Then the neo-liberal establishment will continue to use campaign finance anarchy (anything goes) to destroy the planet by driving this nation into an international, corporate-ruled dystopian future.  Having the small army we had, our movement may have contributed to the defeat of Wall Street’s golden child. It’s difficult to size up Trump’s nationalism, but his immediate rejection of the TPP is a welcome relief from the threat posed to our system of government by so-called “free-trade agreements.” Until we see policy reflecting something different than much of what he ran on, it’s clear his presidency will set the nation backward and accelerate climate change. When the number of write-in votes for Sanders is determined, we will know if the “buster” movement helped defeat Clinton or not.

Question Eleven: With Trump elected what will the Revolt Against Plutocracy be doing then?

Answer Eleven: Blaming the superdelegates for preferring Donald Trump to Senator Sanders was our first order of business, and we plan to use time between elections to support replacement of electronic voting machines with hand-counted paper ballots.

Question Twelve: Will you be selling or trading the list of names and email addresses you collect?

Answer Twelve: We will not be selling the list to other groups; we are revolutionaries, not entrepreneurs. If we consider trading names and addresses for another revolutionary group’s list, we would first poll a large sample of pledge-signers and seek an 85% consensus before proceeding. We, like Sanders, may not be Democrats, but we will act in a broad democratic manner when time permits, and deploy committee majority decision making most of the time. Our list of pledge-takers is held in strict privacy.

Question Thirteen: Are electoral politics the only revolutionary activities Revolt Against Plutocracy be engaged in?

Answer Thirteen: That is up to each and every pledge taker. The co-founders of this movement are involved in other non-electoral, revolutionary activities; and we hope that pledge-signers and volunteers are as well in their communities.

Question Fourteen: Didn’t the #Bernie/JillOrBust strategy help elect Donald Trump?

Answer Fourteen: We don’t know yet, but that was the decision the superdelegates made when they chose to divide their Party instead of uniting it against Donald Trump. They screwed up big time, and we know of no Party member or pundit has blamed Bernie or bust for Trump’s election. After we find out, we’ll announce it way down here at the bottom of this FAQ page.