Citizens Against Plutocracy* announces C-FAR (pronounced See FAR), a Contract For American Renewal. We invite populist candidates to use the C-FAR to defeat their primary and general election opponents.

On Peaceful, Political Renewal: The popularity of Senator Bernie Sanders indicates the American people are ready for a kind of politics based on grassroots organizing and an agenda most people support.  We need a political renewal to electorally throw out the neo-liberals of both major parties in the United States. CAP member John Rachel explains how candidates for national office can use our innovative, C-FAR strategy to defeat your well-funded opponents and get elected to serve the American people.

You may find the answer(s) to other questions you have on the FAQ tab above. If you would like to take part in this innovative strategy, read the House contract below, click on the C-FARs tab above, download the appropriate version of the agreement, modify it to suit your district, sign it, fill out the form below and get it to the political activist who invited you to come to this website. Bear in mind, every one of these take or leave issue positions are supported by a solid majority of American voters. You are free to add assigning independent investigators to all use-of-lethal-police-force cases has nearly 80% of support in the polls. Candidates can  add issues with broad public support to the contract before signing one. This is a populist agenda, and signing the contract protects you inside the nationwide voter pledge movement we’re building (see C-FAR-Only Pledge Voters below).

contractAre You a C-FAR Candidate? Please fill out this form so we know who the contract candidates running for Congress are. Click on the image to the right, and the registration form for C-FAR-signing candidates will pop up on another tab.

Are C-FARs Binding? While it is unlikely to ever go to a court of law, be aware that C-FARs appear to challenge current case law. C-FARs are significantly different from previous attempts to hold politicians to their campaign promises. If a class action lawsuit is ever undertaken by constituents to compel a member of Congress to resign for breach of contract, most of us believe a C-FAR agreement will unsuccessfully challenge settled law.

Mission: Build an unstoppable, national wave of contract-signing, populist candidates backed by CAP-supported, local activists building local movements of voters pledged to support only C-FAR candidates. Using third party candidates as our Plan B voting option is intended to send a message to all neo-liberal, non-C-FAR Democrats running for Congress: You will not have our votes in the general election.


Strategy: The C-FAR or Else in 2018 voter pledge is a citizen’s demand. Well aware the third party candidates are hardly ever elected to Congress, they can and will serve the purpose of spoilers blocking as many neo-liberal Democratic candidates as possible from winning their elections. That is how campaign leverage works. Using the Internet and other resources, CAP intends to support the C-FAR (only) candidates with the best chance of winning their contests in the midterm elections.

Tactics: We intend to deploy legal, effective online activities in support of candidates advocating anti-establishment economic ideas and anti-oligarchic campaign finance solutions. Leverage activists based in congressional districts will build local lists of voters pledged to support only C-FAR-signing candidates. They will do their best to convey to Democrats before your primary that only a C-FAR-signing candidate will win the general election.

pledgeC-FAR-Only Pledge Voters: The idea is to have local leverage activists create lists of voters within their districts pledged to support only C-FAR candidates. This website is available to host a local group’s voter pledges if necessary. However, if you, the voter, can’t find a #C-FARorElse effort in your congressional district, you can make the pledge to support ONLY a C-FAR candidate by clicking here or the pledge symbol ==>>.

  • Plutocracy: A country or society governed by the wealthy few. “America, today, is much closer to a plutocracy than a democracy.” Join the revolt against the establishment.  The neo-liberal, corporate elite’s so-called “free-trade agreements” like the Trans-Pacific Partnership are corporate coups, not of state power but of our system of government itself. Plutocratic neo-liberalism poses an existential threat to democratic and national self-determination. C-FAR or Lose in November is an attempt to renew and rescue both.